401 Unauthorized

A 401 http response results when authentication fails. This is likely due to using an invalid api-key or account suspension.

403 Forbidden

A 403 http response results when an authenticated user does not have adequate permissions to perform the requested operation or access the specified resource.

400 Bad Request

A 400 http response results when a request is poorly formatted or does not meet validation for the specified operation.

400 responses contain an array of messages that a developer may parse to determine the parameter and reason for why the request failed.

Below is an example response where the API user tried to create a person without specifying an agentId for the person:

        "param": "agentId",
        "msg": "should have required property 'agentId'"

406 Not Accepted

A 406 http response results when a request is not satisfied due to rule or policy being broken.

429 Too Many Requests

A 429 http response results when the rate limit for your account is exceeded.

500 Internal Server Error

A 500 http response results when an unexpected problem occurs with a request. If after several retries the 500 error still persists, it should be escalated to the Repliers Support Team for troubleshooting.